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Schönholzer & Rüdisüli

Schönholzers songs take us on a sightseeing tour through the brains of underdogs and misfits. As we listen to their tales of self-deception and unfulfilled dreams we gain a new perspective on life ­– and all the shit we’re in for here on earth. That might not sound very funny. But it is. Schönholzer not only draws us close to the edge of the […]

25 November 2017

Schönholzer & Schönholzer

The 22 year old singer-songwriter Selina Schönholzer made her first appearance on stage in 2013. Since then her enchanting voice and subtile songwriting has been heard in the bars and clubs of Zurich. Her father Markus has been working as a composer and songwriter for over 30 years. His music explores a wide range of styles: folk, jazz old school musical and melodic pop. […]


Simon Kempston in concert

Simon Kempston (Scotland) guitar & vocals Simon Kempston is one of Scotland’s best young songwriters and leading fingerstyle guitarists. Simon’s original, distinctive guitar playing is founded upon a complex, finger-picking style which technically reveals his classical training yet is steeped in the history of the folk, blues and celtic traditions and is complemented by Simon’s rich, powerful and compelling clipped vocal style. http://www.simonkempston.co.uk/


Sophie Hunger & George Vaine


Stephen Simmons

Growing up in a small town in central Tennessee, Stephen Simmons kept his radio tuned to the country station, where the sounds of Don Williams and Waylon Jennings were never more than a few tunes away.  Simmons treated those songwriters like school teachers, showing Simmons how to deliver a story, turn a phrase and pack a punch. By the time he released his debut […]