Dear reader

in autumn 2007 I opened pile of books. The start into a new adventure has succeeded. By now my well assorted store with focus on literary fiction is well appreciated by an inclined and continually growing clientele. At pile of books important (well-known, unknown and forgotten) authors in the categories literary fiction, poetry, crime and non-fiction (music, art, history, travel-writing etc.) are represented with as many of their works as possible. Whoever will come along shall be fully supplied. Who doesn’t find what he wanted will most likely discover something else or will put an order. Welcome! Daniel Nufer

Pile of books

Zentralstrasse 16
CH-8003 Zürich
0041 043 333 29 45
info at pileofbooks.ch

Opening hours

Wednesday – Friday
12.00 noon – 6.30 pm

10.00 am – 4.00 pm

Sundays through Tuesdays closed