Review Headline 2011
Fr. 17.90

Neil Gaiman

American Gods

“I wanted to write a book that was big, odd and meandering and I did. My editor was concerned that the book was slightly too big and too meandering (she didn’t mind it being too odd).” For me such a sentence raises the expectations. Especially when uttered by the likes of Neil Gaiman. But it hits the spot pretty well. Shadows trawl through America in the wake of Mr. Wednesday takes us to all manner of strange places. And the variety of people we meet on this journey is amazing. From the double-crossing Low Key Lyesmith to the girl with indian ancestors on a road trip we get to know really all the weirdos out there. Packed with symbols and signs this book is also readable on a deeper level. I can only recommend that you do that.

Max Lauber, September 2009