Hamish Hamilton 2013
Fr. 37.90

Iain Sinclair

American Smoke – Journeys to the End of the Light

Completing the trilogy begun with Hackney, That Rose-Red Empire and continued with Ghost Milk, Iain Sinclair breaks for the border with American Smoke, his first full engagement with the memory-filled landscapes of the American Beats and their fellow travellers, echoed as always in the mythologies of London, through which so many of them also passed.


In a book filled with bad journeys and fated decisions, this is an epic walk in the footsteps of Malcolm Lowry, Charles Olson, Jack Kerouac, William Burroughs, Gary Snyder and more, heated by obsession (the Old West, volcanoes, Mexico) and enlivened by false memories, broken reports and strange adventures.


With American Smoke Sinclair confirms his place as the most innovative of our chroniclers of the contemporary.
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