Hamish Hamilton 2011
large trade paperback
Fr. 24.90

Penguin paperback 2012
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Hari Kunzru

Gods Without Men

Let yourself be drawn into this beautiful mosaic of various stories and times, reaching from the time when the animals were men to recent 2009, with the occasional traditional Indian tale woven seamlessly in between. While not told in a linear or chronological way, everything is connected by a peculiar rock formation called The Pinnacles in the California desert – and possibly more. The author takes us back and forth between the struggles of a contemporary New York couple with their autistic son, a teenager getting introduced to a 1970s hippie camp trying to make contact with extraterrestrials, a baseless manhunt against an Indian in 1920, and much more. Despite the high number of different protagonists and eras involved, Kunzru manages to envelop the reader in each setting within a single page. The desert provides an underlying mystical atmosphere as it lets us discover more and more links and recurring themes, while still leaving room for wonderment and speculations.

Seraina Nufer, March 2012