Sup and the O-Tones

Friday, October 26th, 8 p.m.

‘Sup and the O-Tones’
The Great American Storybook

May was a good-looking frail, she lived down by the jail. Railroad Bill was a mighty mean man, he shot the midnight lantern right out the brakeman’s hand. And Willy Lee? He murdered Little Sadie in the first degree.
Whatever the style – low down blues, old time country, jumpin’ city jive or gritty gospel – American popular music has always been about telling stories and spreading the news.
In celebration of “Zürich liest”, Sup and the O-Tones’ invite you to pile of books for a close reading of American song. It’s a literary journey of the sonic variety, featuring desperate renegades, forsaken apostles and innocent bystanders from the far side of the American Dream.

Sup and the O-Tones
Sup and the O-Tones take their inspiration from American popular music, especially that of the first half of the 20th Century. Black or white, country or city, their mission is to cross genres and get to the heart of the American story through the medium of its songs.

Tom Lyons, lead vocals and accoustic guitar
Matthias Weil, electric guitar, harp and backing vocals
Michael Herzig, bass and backing vocals
Frank Besterbreurtje, drums and backing vocals

Limited seating. Reservation required:
Tel. 043 333 29 45 or info@pileofbooks.ch
No entrance fee. Collection!